he Center for Urban Restoration Ecology produces outstanding print and Web-based publications for professionals, students, and the public.

For the past century, Brooklyn Botanic Garden has been a leader in publishing state-of-the-art information for scientists and nonscientists alike.

On its Web site Brooklyn Botanic Garden currently publishes the New York Metropolitan Flora, one of the world’s first, largest, and most comprehensive online floras. Web users have access to databases with more than 150,000 records on each of the families, genera, and species found in the region, including descriptions, ecological information, illustrations and distribution maps, and over 10,000 references on plants of the metropolitan area.

The Garden has been a pioneer in publications that make the latest scientific research useful for professional horticulturists, landscape designers, land managers, and the general public. The internationally acclaimed 21st-Century Gardening Series, for example, pushes the frontiers of ecological landscaping. Each new volume, produced quarterly and sold worldwide, covers a specific subject (including invasive plants, biodiverse gardens, and creating wildlife habitats) with chapters by the leading experts in the field.

Rutgers scientists publish experimental findings in many major journals such as EcologyRestoration Ecology, and Oecologia.

Contact the CURE office for a list of recent publications.

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