Steven N. Handel, Director
Steven Clemants, Co-Director

Steering Committee (Click on the names below to see a list of their representative research projects)

Joanna Burger, Dept. of Cell Biology, Rutgers University
Steven Clemants, Vice President for Science, Brooklyn Botanic Garden
John Dighton, Dept. of Biology, Rutgers University
Joan Ehrenfeld, Dept. of Ecology, Evolution & Natural Resources, Rutgers University
Fred Grassle, IMCS, Rutgers University
Michael Greenberg, Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy, Rutgers University
Jean Marie Hartman, Dept. of Landscape Architecture, Rutgers University
Steven N. Handel, Dept. of Ecology, Evolution & Natural Resources, Rutgers University
Elizabeth Peters, Director of Publishing, Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Judith S. Weis, Dept. of Biology, Rutgers University
Scot Medbury, President, Brooklyn Botanic Garden


Steering Committee — Representative Research Projects

Joanna Burger

“Restoration of Avian Habitat in Urban/Suburban and Coastal Habitats.” N.J. Department of Environmental Protection.

“Factors Affecting Neotropical Migrant Diversity in NE Urban Areas.” U.S. Fish and Wildlife Conservation Foundation.

Steven Clemants

“New York Metropolitan Flora.” Andrew Mellon Foundation, New York Community Trust (S. Clemants, K. Gould).

Helianthemum Taxonomic/ Population Study.” Massachusetts Audubon Society (K. Gould).

“Black Rock Forest Flora, Vegetational History.” Black Rock Forest Consortium (K. Barringer, S. Clemants).

John Dighton

“A Comparative Ecophysiological Approach to Understanding Multi-species Mycorrhizal Functioning.” National Science Foundation (IBN) (J. Dighton. J. W. Baxter).

“Biotic and Edaphic Controls of Ectomycorrhizal Community Structure and Function.” USDA (J. Dighton, J. Lussenhop, R. Koide).

Joan Ehrenfeld

“Stimulating Woodland Restoration: Long-Term Effects of Special and Biotic Pattern.” National Science Foundation (J. Ehrenfeld, S. Handel, G. Robinson, J. Mattei).

“Development of a Methodology for Assessing Urban Wetlands in the New Jersey Transportation Corridor.” U.S. EPA.

“Causes and Consequences of Exotic Species Invasions in Deciduous Forests.” USDA.

Fred Grassle

“Benthic Macrofaunal Communities in Partially Impounded Saltmarshes in Delaware: Responses to Sediment Drying and Comparisons with Natural Marshes.” NOAA (K.I. Stocks, F.J. Grassle).

“The Effects of Microalgal Primary Production on the Recolonization of Macrofauna Into Saltmarsh-pond Mesocosms” U.S. EPA. (K.I. Stocks, J.F. Grassle).

Michael Greenberg

“Capacity of New Jersey Brownfield Sites.” New Jersey Office of State Planning (M. Greenberg, T. Miller).

“Building Community Brownfields Redevelopment Capacity.” Rutgers SROA, Fund for New Jersey (M. Greenberg, H. Mayer).

“Mass Media Coverage of Brownfields.” U.S. Department of Energy (M. Greenberg, K. Lowrie).

“Building Housing and Community Facilities on Brownfields Sites.” State of New Jersey (M. Greenberg, J. Wells).

“Economic Impact of the USDOE’s Major Nuclear Weapons Sites on the Surrounding Regions — Past and Future.” U.S. Department of Energy (M. Greenberg, A. Isserman, M. Frisch, H. Mayer, K. Lowrie).

“Interactions of the USDOE with Planning and Other Officials of Surrounding Communities, Regarding Land Use and Economic Development.” U.S. Department of Energy (M. Greenberg, K. Lowrie).

“Public Perception of Future Land Use, Environmental Risk and Trust at USDOE Nuclear Weapons Sites.” U.S. Department of Energy (M. Greenberg, B. Williams).

Steven Handel

“Stimulating Woodland Restoration: Long-Term Effects of Spatial and Biotic Pattern.” National Science Foundation (Ecology Program) (J. Ehrenfeld, S. Handel).

“Protocols for Monitoring a Restored Woodland Community.” Prospect Park Alliance, Brooklyn, NY.

“Restoration Ecology of a Degraded Urban Landfill: Templates for Potential Native Plant Communities.” City of New York, Department of Sanitation.

“Restoration of the Wildflower Community in the Morristown National Historical Park Habitat.” U.S. Department of Interior, National Park Service (S. Handel, S. Ruhren).

“Ecological Studies and Review of Environmental Impacts of Mountaintop Removal Mining in Appalachia.” U.S. EPA.

“The Relationship Between Species Richness and Exotic Plant Invasion.” USDA (S.J. Meiners, S. Handel).

Jean Marie Hartman

“Monitoring of Three Wetland Restoration Projects.” Hackensack Meadowlands Development Commission.

“Reforestation Potential of Hemlock-Hardwood Stands Following Large-Scale Hemlock Mortality.” USDA Forest Service.

“Analysis of Endangered Plant Species Population Health and Threats.” N.J. Department of Environmental Protection (T. Breden, J.M. Hartman).

“Assessing the Hydrogeomorphic Model for Wetlands Assessment in New Jersey.” New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (J.M. Hartman, C. Hatfield).

“The Influence of Trees on the Appraisal Value of Urban Land.” USDA Forest Service (J.M. Hartman, S. Strom, D. Tulloch).

“Population Ecology of the Rare Plant Chrysopsis falcata.” Clayton Mining Corporation (J.M. Hartman, S. Handel).

Judith S. Weis

“Wetland Plants’ Roles in Uptake and Transport of Heavy Metals and Remediation.” National Science Foundation (J.S. Weis, P. Weis).

“Habitat and Nutritional Value of the Invasive Marsh Plant Phragmites australis for Estuarine Animals Compared With That of Spartina alterniflora.” N.J. Water Resources Research Inst., USGS.

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